Entrevista a Olivia Colman.

Esta es la mini-entrevista que le hice a Olivia Colman a propósito de Tiranosaurio en el Zinemaldi. Son pocas preguntas porque estaba en un junket con otras 3 personas y había un traductor que lo alargaba todo el doble de tiempo. No me dio tiempo a más. He decidido no traducirla, ya que tengo otra entrevista en inglés mucho más larga y si la traduzco me puedo morir...

- Paddy Considine's film feels very authentic. How did he guide you through your perfomance in order to preserve that authenticity?

I think that Paddy being an actor was very helpfull. And the script really tells you what you need, it all comes from Paddy's head. A lot of the images from the film are from what Paddy has seen. So it is a real world and it's a world that he knows well. And he wrote it so beautifully that you just had everything that an actor needs.

- On a personal level, did you justify your character's last decision or you condemned it even if you had to put in her skin?

I would never condemn anyone from doing anything, especially knowing what she had been through. In one of the case studies I red, a woman murdered his husband. I couldn't repeat some of the things she suffered for 15 years in his hands - he was so violent. He tortured her every day, and he suddenly started to turn on the children. And the only way she could get out was him or them. So no, I could never condemn anyone. And up until doing this job, I always thought "I think I'd get out, I think I'd go". But the more I learnt about the situation these people are in... I will never said that again. I know nothing about what it's like to be in their shoes, thankfully. And because of the fear, we could never possibly know what we would do.

- I love the scene where Peter Mullan is hidding in your character's shop and you meet each other. It's one of the best character introductions that I've seen in a long time. Was it in the script or was it improvised?

It's all in the script. And yes, it's an extraordinary introduction for two people. That was a scene from the short that Paddy made before the  film, and I think he pretty much sees Joseph as the human version of the dog. He's just been kicked his whole life, he's never been shown love. He's kind of like a wild animal. And when he suddenly starts feeling something, he hides just like an animal would hide, if wounded. So it made sense that he would come in the shop. He wanted someone to smile, but he was too ashamed of himself. Yeah... It's all from Paddy's head - Paddy's brilliant (laughs).



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